There are so many people who develop a terrible aversion to the taste and smell of MMS (including me). Fortunately there are several methods of overcoming the problem. One being the MMS Capsule Protocol and another being the 3000 Protocol.

You can avoid this issue completely if you use an eye dropper to drop MMS and citric acid into a CAPSULE. Then swallow the capsules with a cup of water. The method for doing this is explained in the MMS Capsule Protocol on this site.

Once you see the simplicity and benefit of doing this, the second method of dealing with taste (below) will be unnecessary.

There have been literally hundreds of people, if not thousands of them, that have started out by saying, "Oh, I don't mind the taste of MMS all that much," and then several weeks later they feel sick when they merely think or talk about MMS.

I believe that the aversion, the revulsion, is caused by a survival reaction of the many microorganisms in the system that are being killed. It seem reasonable that their revulsion to being killed is a survival mechanism that is passed on to their host as a revulsion for the same thing. Of course, if their host has enough revulsion that he stops taking the remedy, the microorganisms will survive. Maybe that's not the case, but the fact is, as one cleans out his system the heaviest part of the revulsion goes away. I believe that one should not allow himself to reach that level of revulsion that the mere idea makes him sick as he might not be willing to do the whole job.

So here is one way to avoid the aversion. Follow the idea carefully because if you miss a point of two it won't work. You need a heavy kind of juice. Buy a concentrated juice (apple, cranberry, grape, or pineapple) and then when adding water back, don't add the full amount so that the juice is extra heavy. If you can't find a concentrated juice without added vitamin C, then just use the juice that tastes the strongest to you (that doesn't have added vitamin C).

Step 1. Pour out about 1/2 glass of juice that you will be using for your dose, what ever it is. If it is a heavy dose you may want more than 1/2 glass of juice. To this juice add two teaspoon fulls of the 10% citric acid solution. (You may be able to avoid this step if you follow the other steps closely.)

Step 2. To a second glass pour in some of the same juice. This juice will be pure and clean with no MMS. This will be the wash-down, and it is important that you use the same juice for the wash down. You probably won't need as much as 1/2 glass. I'd say 1/4 glass or less would do.

Step 3. In a third dry clean glass Make up your MMS dose. Use the standard 5 drops of citric acid for each drop of MMS and wait the three minutes. Then add the 1/2 glass of juice you already prepared in step 1 above. It isn't all that sour. You can get it down pretty easy, but if you can't stand the citric acid skip step 1.

Step 4. Have some hard candy available. Something like large lemon drops, or butterscotch chunks. Before you take your MMS put this candy in your mouth and begin to suck on it. This is also an important step. (You won't need it all, you can throw most of it away.)

Step 5. Now this is the important step. Down the 1/2 glass of juice with the MMS in it, and immediatly, before you take a breath, wash the MMS containing juice down with the pure clean juice. It has to be the same juice, but totally free of MMS. If you do it right, without taking gulps of air and all that, you should wind up without a taste in your mouth. The air cause oxidation on your tongue combined with the chlorine dioxide. That is why you must not allow air in at this time. But if you do, the candy should obliterate the taste of the MMS and you can spit it out as soon as you are sure the taste is gone.

In a case where you have the flu or other infection of some sort, and you have made a 20 or 30 drop dose and you are taking a sip of it every half hour or so, do the same thing. Keep a glass of the same juice, but clear of any MMS. Always wash the MMS juice down with the clean juice with the candy in your mouth. You will miss 95% to 99% of the taste.

Since most juices contain some antioxidents, a small amount of the ClO2 may be neutralized by the juice, but you can make up for that at any time by just starting with one extra MMS drop.

For some people, a simpler solution is to put two perpermint lifesavers in the mouth while waiting the three minutes. Then take out the lifesavers, down the prepared MMS dose and immediately put the life savers back in the mouth. In this simpler method, juice may not be needed at all.