The use of MMS on the skin can be a very important use. It destroys almost every kind of skin disorder known, and causes burns, and wounds of all kinds to heal often in less that 1/2 the ordinary time. Unfortunately I was not able to complete the research on MMS before I wrote the first book and only recently have completed a six month test concerning the skin. I am sorry that this data couldn't have gotten to you sooner as it would have save some people a certain amount of suffering.

So here are the basics regarding skin treatment with MMS. I have just done more than 6 months spraying my body every day with a very strong solution of MMS activated with the required amount of citric acid solution.

I sprayed in many places on my body to see the results on heavy weather beaten skin to the most tender white skin available. I usually sprayed several times a day. I sprayed on my face most days as well, and often rubbed around my eyes so that the rubbing would allow a tiny amount of MMS to leak into the eye itself.

There were places where I didn't spray to show the difference between treated areas and untreated areas over a period of six months. The results were this: After more than six months, there was no difference between the areas sprayed and the areas not sprayed. There was no skin discoloring, nor any change in the texture, nor any other kind of a change including on my face.

During the six months, there were times when small wounds or cuts happened. These I always sprayed and they disappeared in a day or two.

This simply points out what I have said in the book and in other places. MMS does not affect normal body cells. It does not have the power. It only kills anaerobic microorganisms on the skin or in the body. Tests have been made with similar sprays at this strength and less in slaughter yards on dead animal skins and dead chicken skins and all anaerobic microorganisms are always dead.

Many skins have been treated including babies skin.

One more test was done that I thought you would be interested in was with chlorine instead of chlorine dioxide. Bleach of the standard variety, Clorox provides approximately the same amount of chlorine as the MMS provides of chlorine dioxide in the tests I was conducting. They are about the same strength but the action is much different.

I put chlorine (Clorox) on the back of my hand every day several times a day for one week. I allowed the Clorox to dry in place just like I did the MMS. After only one week the back of my hand had become discolored, the skin had hardened and began to crack in two areas - the surface of the skin had lost its feeling, and the area was painful under the skin.

It was obvious to me that continued use of the Clorox on the back of my hand would create a very sore cancer like area. It took about two weeks for my hand to return to normal. So if you know anyone who insists that chlorine and chlorine dioxide are similar you can have them read this article, and then if they still don't believe it, it is a test that they can conduct themselves.

Use MMS for healing sores, burns, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, cancer, ringworm, acne, rashes, staph infections, athletes feet, and a hundred other problems of the skin. In order to do this follow these instructions: Obtain a 2 ounce mist spray bottle. Most drug stores sell empty spray bottles.

Put 20 drops of MMS in the bottle and 100 drops of citric acid and swirl to mix, wait 3 minutes and then fill the bottle with water. You now have a spray solution that is equivalent to 40 drops in 1/2 glass of water in strength. This solution stays fresh for about 3 days. The reason it stays fresh for that long is because of the strength. Once it is diluted in the body it rapidly disintegrates. Or on the skin, it disintegrates as it dries.

Once you have made your solution, you should spray any sore about once an hour or every two or three hours all day long. Allow the solution to dry on the sore. In case of a rash, spray it on the entire rash. Rinse off with clean water in the evening before bed, dry, and re-spray before going to bed. In case of babies under 2 years old I would suggest that you dilute the solution at least twice or start out with only 5 drops of MMS instead of 20.

The MMS in the spray bottle will seldom ever cause stinging or burning or pain, but it can happen. If it does, pour out 1/2 of the liquid in the bottle and fill it with water thus diluting by 50%. If it still stings, do the same thing thus diluting it again. Continue this dilution until it doesn't sting.

In one person out of a thousand persons with skin problems, the MMS may sting badly and the problem will get worse. If this happens it is probably a condition that you have had for a long time. This is very rare, but it does happen. Don't feel badly, there is a cure. Look under fungus protocol on this web site and follow the instructions. It will soon be gone.

There are many problems of the skin usually causing sores or rashes. They could be poison oak or even cancer. Most should have MMS applied directly to them. The best way to do this is by spraying. The way I do this all the time is to use a 2 ounce spray bottle that makes a fine mist.


THE FORMULA: I take an empty 2 ounce spray bottle and add 20 drops of MMS and 100 drops of 10% citric acid solution or 20 drops if a 50% solution, (you could use lemon juice filtered through a coffee filter). I wait the customary 3 minutes and then fill the bottle with water. (Could be distilled water, but then any clean water would do). This bottle of MMS will stay activated for about 3 days. That’s because of the extra strong mixture.

I then use this to spray any sore, wound, or skin eruption that might occur. Outside the body you require a much stronger solution than when taken internally.

You can spray a sore spot up to once an hour. Allow the solution to dry on the body. It is the strongest and does the most good just before it dries. Also spray this on athlete's foot and fungus on the feet. After it is dry the area can be rinsed off if you like but it’s not necessary. If the spray causes pain or burning then reduce the strength of the solution by pouring out 1/2 and filling with clean water. Keep reducing the strength in this manner until the spray does not cause burning, however, if this does not seem to work in a rare few cases it might be a fungus that MMS cannot touch. In that case, go to the home page and look under fungus protocol.

As I mentioned wounds should be sprayed as soon after they happen as possible. It will decrease the healing time by a great deal in most cases as microorganisms are mostly the cause of slow healing.


Well, hope this helps.